I grew up in Hackney, east London. I always wanted to do something creative but it took me a while to figure out exactly what that was. I tried acting, music, and video editing, but decided in my mid-twenties that writing was my thing. I took a creative writing degree at Middlesex University and came up with the idea for my first book, TURF, while on the course.

TURF grew out of a desire to get my head around the youth violence and knife crime that I was seeing around me in London and in the press. It was an issue that went deep with me. I’ve known people killed in acts of street violence and I’ve been stabbed myself. And I wanted to explore the reasons why so many young people are so ready and willing to throw their own lives away – and take others.

Recently I’ve moved on to writing all-action thrillers for adults. I’ve just finished my first, Wholehearted. It’s about a young guy in London who travels to Los Angeles to find his missing girlfriend. It turns out she wasn’t the person he thought she was, events quickly spiral out of control and soon both their lives are in danger.

I also have a children's detective series in the pipeline; I've led popular writing workshops for teenagers, and I work as a content writer, editor and blogger.

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